Friday, December 20, 2013



i always wonder

why does Allah keep repeating the importance of taking care your mother's feeling?

 the verse in Quran where we can't even say 'ah' to them, the Messenger's hadith where he repeated 'mum' thrice on people that should be on our top priority and the story of 'Alqamah and his mother'

yeah, of course i know because of her, 
i am here

she went through the painful morning sickness

she took the hardship carrying us 9 months in her tummy

she delivered us, between life and death

mum who takes care of us

when we were small and sick

she is the one who teaches us about life

she teaches us about Allah and how to love ourself 

she teaches us how to stand for yourself

she teaches us to be good person with good values

she hugs us when we need someone

she gives us advices

she loves us

and the list goes on.

but empathy

is all about feeling it by yourself

just then, you will really know the meaning.

O Allah. Alhamdulillah. Haaza min fadli rabbi. I appreciate my mak and mama better than before.

O Allah. Allahumma yassir wala tu'assir.

O dear, please be His good servant when you get out from mummy's tummy

i'll try my best dear, to fight the stormy weathers and be tough

sincerely and unconditionally,

Sunday, November 24, 2013


it has been quiet a while

i mean our marriage

hay, doesn't mean it feels ages for me

but people out there have started thinking or assuming

that we should have a child by now

ummm. let me do the thinking,

a minute

when people were joking bout me and keep teasing bout it,

i admitted that i still could laugh and 'enjoyed' the teasing together with them

but in these few days, 

when it became chronic

i startled and could only return the soft-gooey smile 

which was filled with different feelings in a blink

and i poured that to hubby

and he said

"i'm not sad or feel anything when people asking that,
it's just the matter of Allah's rezqi
but if that does make u sad, it saddens me too" 

and he stopped. for quiet a time. 

i know he does really mean it

 so i do stop the thinking too. the negative one.

i bet his thought is the only thing that i care enough

other than My Allah

i know Allah has decided the best journey for me to be fully-prepared when receiving that little tiny caliph
and that..
.is the test of patience.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

wind and love

Love is like wind

It comes and goes with the seasons

In hot day, we demand it like crazy

In cold day, we curse it deep inside

Just remember this

you want it or not,

it is always, always around us

it is just the matter of 'when'

God decided the best time

for it to come 


our hearts are not ours


CHERISH it when it's there

BE PATIENT when it isn't

#pray hard to Allah, may He protect our hearts for things that shouldn't come in

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


A few days ago,

I saw a fb status one of my friends

Wow! She is in Sydney, having good time with her husband.

I was so jealous of her and told hubby

"syoknya if we can go for holiday in Sydney kan? How lucky she is! I wish we can go to Australia again"

then hubby smiled at me. 

"I think you are luckier than her."

eh? why? I did not go to Sydney. Oh My Dear Sydney.

"You went to Makkah and Madinah. You were His special guest. isn't? Where are the most wonderful places other than that?"

 never ever once fail to make me feeling grateful.
with his just relaxed face. :p

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


i easily lose my temper whenever i enter these two classes.

duh *-,-

my words may kill all the innocent hearts
(if there is ANY in those classes *nada berbaur sinis)

seeeeee!~~~ i'm more than cynical now. uhhhh. 
how i hated my cynical teacher previously, i have turned to be one now
and hubby *which always being more patient than me* were also having the same prob.

 =.=' & -.-''''

then, i realized
i did some reading and listening to the tarbiyyah thingy and songs
before i entered the class
i became calmer and less madness had occurred

or else

i just bite my tongue

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


there was one night where we were doing the house chores. after the long day at school. i was ironing my baju kurung. he was folding clothes.

me: abang, one day, if i want to be a housewife. i will be one only if you continue your study or working
abroad tau..

abg: eah? why?

me: when we were there dulu. they had a lot of gadgets and machine and what-so-ever that made house chores were so easy. we had build-in oven, that one that two..blabla..being a housewife is a hard job. the work is endless. after one, there will be another twenty task waiting for you. non-stop. salute to those housewife tau.

abg: oh..ok. boleh je :)...tapi kan..nt you will have less pahala la? kan?

me: oh. yeah T.T okeh.

*note: Allah rewards us for every hardship and effort that we do, not only the accomplishment. orang yang pandai baca Quran, baca elok. dapat pahala. tapi org yg x pandai baca Quran, try baca, dapat double pahala. one for the deed. one for the hardship to do it. :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

ulang tahun pertama

Setahun pelayaran ini,
Belum cukup jauh kita di lautan,
Mungkin cuma di gigian pantai,
Belum cukup dalam sauh kita lepaskan,
Sejengkal cuma barangkali,
Belum cukup matang kita ini,
Membaca bintang dan deru angin,
Hanyut membawa layar yg kita bentangkan,
Menongkah lautan gelap, 
Penuh misteri tanpa hujung,
Kami mohon rahmah dan mawaddahMu,
Kami rayu taufik dan hidayahMu,
Kami pohon hikmah dan santun ilmu,
Moga kami kan tepat ke destinasi.
Oh Ya Rabbi!
Redhakanlah kami
Lindungilah kami
Berkatilah kami
Dan seluruh keturunan kami.
Ameeen. Salam syg ulang tahun pertama :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

penternak lemak :D

it has been some time i did not visit this blog

perhaps i am too busy with my life

as a wife

as a daughter-in-law

as a 'penganggur-terhormat'

terlalu busy tanam anggur lemak, yg tak mampu dituai hasilnya

yeah, i'm become chubbier than what u can imagine




and i put some effort in decreasing the percentage of my fat

by finding job

please. please. i really want that job. jd cg sekolah rendah kt sebuah sekolah agama swasta.

pray for me please

*ppd seremban penuh :( x blh msk skolah kerajaan