Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Lately ni, i have a feeling

perhaps because of the story i was fed,

by the media and also reality.

penatnya jadi perempuan.

salah kena, tak salah pun kena

listened to the story where she was raped, tortured and killed because she refused to have sex

listened to the story where she was hit because her husband was tired and children were crying

listened to the story where her husband forbade her to meet her family and locked her

listened to the story where all the responsibility of bearing children were put solely on mother's shoulder because that's the nature of woman: to bear children

the list goes on, like crazy

what is more crazy? the society blames them. 

the worst? the so-called religious society blames them

'tu la, x nak dengar cakap suami'

'tu la, padan muka kuar rumah sorang-sorang'

'kan dh kata kena sujud kat suami, buat je la'

and i almost scream it out of my lung

no, this is not my religion. My religion is not biased.

deep, inside, i pray to Allah.

no Allah, this is not the case. 
i know you are true and compassion. it is the man that misunderstands your word. help me to understand this.

especially verse 32 (i favour this one)

there are so much explanation He says about me and you. 

He is so-just that He never underestimates woman. He appreciates us and makes rules to protect and guide us all. 

It was all man-made rules that oppress us.

falsely using His-name.

O Allah, have mercy on us, and help us, and show us ways to save us from the oppressor

*save some time and watch this video about the famous 'ayah' that usually used to oppress woman