Wednesday, June 19, 2013


there was one night where we were doing the house chores. after the long day at school. i was ironing my baju kurung. he was folding clothes.

me: abang, one day, if i want to be a housewife. i will be one only if you continue your study or working
abroad tau..

abg: eah? why?

me: when we were there dulu. they had a lot of gadgets and machine and what-so-ever that made house chores were so easy. we had build-in oven, that one that two..blabla..being a housewife is a hard job. the work is endless. after one, there will be another twenty task waiting for you. non-stop. salute to those housewife tau.

abg: oh..ok. boleh je :)...tapi kan..nt you will have less pahala la? kan?

me: oh. yeah T.T okeh.

*note: Allah rewards us for every hardship and effort that we do, not only the accomplishment. orang yang pandai baca Quran, baca elok. dapat pahala. tapi org yg x pandai baca Quran, try baca, dapat double pahala. one for the deed. one for the hardship to do it. :)