Monday, February 21, 2011

new sem~ekekeeke~

hey2! i just came back from Malaysia about a week ago~ i chose not to stay here eventhough Malaysia government only sent us for 2 years thats not the reason for me to get darker under the degree of 42 celcius or 107.6 Fahrenheit in Sydney..a big No..No..NO~

huhuhu, the orientation week has started, with juniors coming along, im standing again with new hope and targets, new do'a, new person~ehehehe, new aims i would say. I am a big girl now, or a big woman? I am an adult. 22 years of living and breathing. i need to prepare myself to bear huge responsibilities, to listen and hold the pressure with smile, to make this fantasy becomes real reality, insyaAllah!...i have a family to take care of..mak abah, my dearies and loved ones too..=)

im hoping this sem would be a blast for me. before im going back to Malaysia at the end of this year. let's start it with basmalah..