Saturday, June 18, 2011

way to help introvert ;)

Being born as an introvert person, i admit myself have difficulty to socialize with new people especially. i hate to be hypocrite yet i know i need to say something to help people feel comfortable to me. plus, with my career as a teacher or educator, i know, it is vital to develop my communication skill which left me numb...until i found this article that i think the best one to help introvert people like me! ;)!

hope i can practice with this! insyaAllah!

sakit hati?

is there any moment you are feeling fatal heart-ache?

when what you dream of is to curse the people responsible?

when the satan starts to tell you not to forgive them?

as they took your heart for granted and do whatever they like to you?


mungkin nyawa kita takkan cukup panjang utk simpan dendam sampai esok

dan nanti Allah pertanyakan apa yg kita dendamkan mampukah kita menjwb

"sebab dia makan nasi aku semalam" -.-

dan kita adalah penyebab mereka masuk ke neraka

dan andai, nyawa mereka tidak cukup panjang untuk kita dendamkan smpai esok

tidakkah kita rasa bersalah berdendam?

apabila anda berdendam, anda menggali dua lubang kubur. satu utk mrk, satu utk anda.
Confucius once said that i think

and the ultimate one: if you want to be forgiven by Allah, why don't you forgive other? ;)