Sunday, May 11, 2014

little things

I will write whatever things I remember about my pregnancy

so bear with me

i have no time to write in my diary

so i ll just pour everything in here

so one day I can tell this little caliph 

bout his little journey in my tummy


i hate honey and dates when i'm not pregnant

i coudn't bear the taste and smell

yet i can consume all of that when i pregnant u

it makes me cry

how sweet Allah has granted you to 'force' me to practise his-sunnah


i love sleeping

just ask my mates, aunt syamim and aunt jen, who once were my roomate

how i can sleep whenever i feel sleepy

yet with you

you wakes me up at 3 or 4 am

asking me to do tahajjud or just having thought of any doa

you make me better abid

to My Lord

and i pray the same for you little boy

may you be the best abid for our Lord


i know i am the one who easily loses my patience

whenever i see little fellas in my class aren't listening to me

you makes me stop and think

what if one day 

Allah tests me by granting me 'you' who behaves just like that


you make me 'husnuzon'

and i asks Allah to forgive me 

for any bad intention i have inside my heart

i advise that kid better

and that is one of good manner

and it is you

who help me to do it


and i realize


anak adalah ujian



it is meant to challenge us

to improve ourselves to be better

alhamdulillah ala kullihal

baby, i still vomit till now
c u in next 3 months
abi and ummi haven't bought you any clothes yet 

Sunday, May 04, 2014

the baby

baby is growing bigger


also healthier

abang says that he has upper lip like me

donald duckling (that was what they called me)

and nose bridge like me

which i know x mancung mcm abg


but hey, he is my boyyy

kicking very hard

yeah, i'm 25 weeks pregnant

but the doc in Columbia says

baby looks like 27 weeks


i might deliver early

or else, i eat too much T.T

should go for healthy diet, babyyyyy!