Wednesday, November 12, 2014

being a mum

being a child

there were two things that really bothered me

first one,

mum was one of the best students of her era,
 even being given chance to continue her study in Boston

she rejected it
and 'live' with us

i always wondered why mum didnt leave us and go study abroad
so i could show off to my friends that my mum is a director of something.


growing up, 

honestly, i still dissatisfied with the truth mum didn't continue her study.

it pissed me off as i thought she should chase her dream


i ve always wondered why mum has more sickness rather than dad.

she has high cholestrol, she has high blood pressure. she has problem with her bone. she has gastric. 

and dad was only diagnosed with high blood pressure.


just being a mum

i got the answers

all in one shot

a mother will always sacrifice everything for her child

even it means her dream, her health and her life.

she never lets anyone to look down on along
she supports angah to continue her study in Korea
she lets kakya become a doctor
she allows kak fadil to dream about her phD
she gives me the chance to study abroad.

mum sacrifices her dream
just for us to dream and achieve it.

mum hardly chewed her meals properly
as she was busy protecting her little cheeky naughty children
mum breastfed us as long as she could
that the calcium in her body was deteriorating
sometimes, mum didn't eat for the whole day
being a working lady and a mum with 6 kids

my mum sacrifices her health
just for us to live healthily and benefits it.