Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the story

.hey, i'm in assignment riddle.


it's raining heavily today. predicted for this whole week

i'm listening to lagu isteri solehah, sang by Saff One

my memory comes to a short story written by my sister when she was in secondary school

about a wife, being betrayed by her husband

who she sacrifices everything to allow him continues his study abroad

and the day of his husband's graduation, suppose to be, she receives the confession she was

betrayed, to the life his husband had succumbed to, one-night stand luscious sinful moment,

which Allah punishes him for HIV and failure in completing his master

and a present of pregnancy for her a week after the confession


lost. regret. anger. stupidity. worry

allow her to be stored in her confusion, lost in her life, betrayed by the loved one

she runs away without being sinful wife

she doesn't ask for 'talak'

she doesn't want to, even she might have the right

the born of twin little precious creatures free from HIV is such a bless

has made her life shines back

she continues her life, without his apologize or his responsibility accompany her

until one day

his husband knocks her door, asking for his right to be with her


.she forgives and permits.

would i be able to do that if i am the one? i don't have even the guts to answer.

sis, u should stop being an optometrist as you can produce that story at that very age. ;)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

in sudden

in sudden, to-morning, i still awake
in sudden? x delah, as 3000 essay of assessment still waiting for me ~.~

in sudden, baca blog2 org teringt blog sendiri
in sudden, i read all the laaaameee and nostalgic drafts bout feelings, life and thoughts that i'm not even going to post it

in sudden, i realize, i had grew differently from who i was
.far too different.

May Allah forgive me for all the wrong-doings. Allah, thanks for whatever You had given me.
I know, i give you less yet i received TOO MUCH.

.im sorry Allah.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life-shared Family Discussion (LsFD)

it is a family thing-we have it usually once a week.

a place to remind me

a moment of reflection

i say it out loud, it need it as my survivor

today, a member told us a stories about an abid who always said

"kami tak tahu ini rahmat atau musibah, tetapi kami bersangka baik pada Allah"

it's tough to do right? it goes same to me -.-

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Priscilla Ahn - When You Grow Up

When You Grow up

When you were young enough
Doing all that fun kid stuff
Did you think of what you'd be?

Marco polo in the pool
Kickball games behind the school
Playing tag and hide 'n seek

When you grow up, what kind of boy will you be?
Oh, what will you be?

Drawing pictures with some chalk
Raindrops wash it from the walk
Summer days it never ends

Spin the bottle on the ground
Watch it turning round and round
Maybe he will be my friend

When you grow up, what kind of girl will you be?
Oh, what will you be?

Will you write a book or invent a machine?
Will you be an astronaut or will you sail the sea?

(What will I be when I grow up?) La la, la la, la la, la la
(What will I be when I grow up?) La la, la la, la la, la la la la
(What will I be when I grow up?) La la, la la, la la, la la
(What will I be when I grow up?) La la, la la, la la, la

When you grow up, what kind of person will you be?
Oh the things you'll be happy

i ever dreamed to be doctor, scientist, and yeah, architect is the most achievable, long and desired one. money, future, DREAM, wealth, fame, famous, INTEREST. but getting much older, much matured i would say, i just want to be happy with blessing from ABOVE. ;)

~sy mahu jadi Adam~