Saturday, April 22, 2017

35 weeks in second pregnancy

i gain quiet a number of fat 


it is more than 15kg

i hope i can get my weight back in bf phase

baby likes to move

she is okay

my belly is quiet low

semua org cakap dh ke bawah

tapi doc macam okay je

doakanlah semua okay

bersalin mudah

tak da komplikasi

bersalin normal

mudah sikit nak jaga

doakan, doakan, doakan




i don't know why i want to write about this

maybe because i just want to remind myself how lucky i am

when things get hard.

marriage is not an easy job

it is surely a commitment

where you can't run or hide

if you want to make it work

yes, it takes two to tango,

cuz being alone in marriage, means hell.

bi is what i call him

hubby, or abi for our kids

at the times, i listen to my friends saying they are tired because of the housework

bi does the laundry in our home,
he washes and dries the clothes,

i just fold my own clothes and iron our working attire.

i am beyond grateful.

at few moments, i listen to my friends how tiring and messy the house with small kids

i chuckle as that is our home too
but bi cleans and arranges all the furniture in our house
whenever he is free, 
sometime once in a month, once in a fortnight, sometimes once in 3 months 
it is up to him

but i will just help with the little things to keep things in place
kutip mainan Zayd, kemas lantai dapur every meal, susun buku yg Zayd asyik jatuhkan, kutip serangga merapu, hapuskan semut yg dtg

so we share the burden
i am beyond grateful for that

at some days, i listen to my friends saying their husband and the meals of the day

bi eats everything i cook
seriously, without complaining anything

it is just when the delicacy fits his appetite
he eats triple of his usual intake and say he likes it

i am beeyoooonndddd grateful for that

and being a married couple,
surely we have bits to hate each other's habit


he likes to 'entertain' the handphone when eating
he showers too long 
he likes to arrange his attire and asks me thousand times to choose the clothes
he is not the one who is always romantic 
(bur he never hurts me with his words too, kinda hard too explain this, i think because we used to be friend, so our jokes is quiet 'over' to each other)
i think his praises to me is limited (hahhah, i like to be praised)

whatever it is,
he never treats me harsh (physically and verbally)
he cares when i am tired or sad
he tries his best for me and the kids

and i would never want him to feel worst about himself
i always pray to Allah, if it is the destiny that i would meet Allah first one day,
i really want him to remarry,
i want someone to accompany him and ease him

and if there is destiny to poligamy,
i always pray, the other side is really pious and kind,
so she can make our life happy and easier
i am happy, bi is happy, she is happy
bi can be really fair
i hate negative emotion in my life

whatever it is,
i just don't want him to cheat on me
if anything happen,
i just pray he can stay true and honest
he can surely talk about everything with me

i am his bestfriend
he is my best buddy ever

in this relationship,
there is nothing guaranteed
we just need to work it together
and leave the rest to Allah.