Tuesday, November 06, 2012

terrible human being

there are a lot of times i feel i fail as a human being

particularly as a muslim

this heart

is always betraying me

i feel hurt for things that do not harm

i feel stupid for just facing the reality

i feel defeated with the nature's work

i feel tremendously lazy to do my responsibilities

i feel annoy to face and deal with human

i feel wanting to just terribly punch or hurt myself 

there are too much times where i could not consider myself as a normal people

i ask Allah to really help me

because i really know it is all just a FEELING

played by the devil

to manipulate and destroy me

O Rabb, You say that I can ask You to change my heart when i do not feel anything while performing my solah, reciting Al-Quran or just reflecting myself. O ALLAH, PLEASE CHANGE IT RIGHT NOW. i need such a help, guide me, bless me.