Tuesday, July 23, 2013


A few days ago,

I saw a fb status one of my friends

Wow! She is in Sydney, having good time with her husband.

I was so jealous of her and told hubby

"syoknya if we can go for holiday in Sydney kan? How lucky she is! I wish we can go to Australia again"

then hubby smiled at me. 

"I think you are luckier than her."

eh? why? I did not go to Sydney. Oh My Dear Sydney.

"You went to Makkah and Madinah. You were His special guest. isn't? Where are the most wonderful places other than that?"

 never ever once fail to make me feeling grateful.
with his just relaxed face. :p

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


i easily lose my temper whenever i enter these two classes.

duh *-,-

my words may kill all the innocent hearts
(if there is ANY in those classes *nada berbaur sinis)

seeeeee!~~~ i'm more than cynical now. uhhhh. 
how i hated my cynical teacher previously, i have turned to be one now
and hubby *which always being more patient than me* were also having the same prob.

 =.=' & -.-''''

then, i realized
i did some reading and listening to the tarbiyyah thingy and songs
before i entered the class
i became calmer and less madness had occurred

or else

i just bite my tongue