Monday, February 13, 2017

25 weeks

this is my second pregnancy

it has been 25 weeks already

sorry dear baby, mummy is so busy with work and abang Zayd

so i spent less time writing bout you

but whatever it is 

you are always in my do'a and heart

i just wish and pray

my little baby is physically, emotionally, mentally perfect in nature

sempurna kejadiannya sebagai seorang manusia

fizikalnya, mentalnya, emosinya

sempurna akhlaknya sebagai muslimah nanti

yes, we had that scan that said you are a girl!


abi has the name already and mummy kinda agrees to it


and yeah, carrying you is less vomiting time rather than when iwas with Zayd

perhaps because this is my second pregnancy

i don't crave sweet things too much

but i eat like hell, hahahha, so i gain quiet a number of fat

i can cook, i love cook

i love coffee

i just pray you are born healthy and perfect