Thursday, February 13, 2014

the experience

they*blogs that i read ;p say that i  should write down my experience for being a first-timer 

but honestly

i ve no time

rph, buku budak (33x5)*ni yang tiap muka surat salah eja tarikh-sehari kalau aku ade 2 mukasurat, ko darab je la sendiri, sibuk sgt tulis data murid yg aku tak faham knapa kena tulis byk kali x blh fotos je tiap kali orang yg berlainan minta =.=, plus baaanyaaak typing lols ape2 yg 'dia' nak lah, panitia thingy, plus key-in all the data in the system.

actually aku mmg suka mengajar

i love kids, i love educating them, 

about the rph and buku budak, no sweat.

great people like hasan al-banna and abdul majid al-zindani starts their 'work' as school teacher

u know how powerful it is

but i hate 'birokrasi terlebih', non-stop documentation, filing, nak puaskan hati 'org atas'

if you are not in so-called education field, stop your non-sense comment.

get into it, work inside it, just after that, comment and i will respect u.

lol. c. i cant stop talking about school and our edu system.

okehhhhh. back to the business.

dah masuk bulan ke-3

um. the feeling? i try to be patient

whenever i vomit between classes and inside classes, afternoon and evening

whenever i hump my lullaby cry in my sleep just to make myself feeling better

whenever i wake up in the middle of night, having my gastric without any reason

i keep remind myself, 

at last my morning sickness is wayyyyy easier than the mums who experience more painful sickness

mums in Syria, Palestin and Mesir

mums in poverty

mums who has nobody

their situation is worse than me

plus, which rahmat that i should deny?

when Allah gives me what i want most

the miracle and penghapus dosa

for every pain that i feel, Allah had granted me with cleaner-sin-chart.

for every pain that i feel, Allah has granted me rewards that no body can give me

for every pain that i feel, it is equal to jihad

so, be strong bebeh, umi is here for you.

whatever it is :)

jangan manja2 tau, jgn bt somersault nt tau. just be there, enjoy your life, berenang elok2 dlm tu, k bebeh?