Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Second Go

i had delivered my baby on 7th of May 2017

i felt the contraction since morning about 10 a.m

and it didn't go away

so we decided to go back to Seremban

as we planned to deliver there

we arrived around 12 or 1 

and admitted in SALAM hospital

i ate nasi kandaq, heavenly in the suite

Zayd stayed with us,

with the help of my MIL and handphone

hahaha, to keep him insane ;p

at that time, i was already 4cm if i'm not mistaken

doc broke my water at 4 p.m

the rest was pain

accelerated pain like crazy

and i delivered my baby girl at 7.43

37 weeks

she was 3.13kg


thank you Allah for everything

the easy delivery

no complication

husband by my side

and healthy lil girl


"nikmat Allah yang manakah yg kamu dustakan?"

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