Friday, December 16, 2016

it's ok, it's ok.

i was once hard-hearted

then i realized

man, did not like that one

so, i decided to change myself

being hard-hearted is equal to be independent and do thing on your own virtue

so, being soft-hearted is to do things based on people's feelings

if they don't like it, you don't even talk about it, don't try to trigger it

try to follow your path

what you reckon wrong, and i kept doing it wrong and it hurt me damn hell
i avoid it

but then you said i was so dependent

'tak taulah klu i mati nnti apa jadi"

i was like...what?

do you think i am that useless?

so, that day, slowly i decided to have myself back

and today

you said i ego, tak dgr cakap, hati keras


* i would never forget what you said to me once i was 5 months-pregnant
that was my turning point

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